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Coffee with Captain Dwayne Green, a Totally Texas Outdoors Podcast, is all about helping people enjoy the outdoors. Capt. Green has decades of experience in hunting and fishing, and each week he answers a few questions about things you should be doing, or thinking about. Tips and suggestions are all apart of helping folks enjoy the outdoors. Episodes uploaded weekly.

Episode 18 - A new female deer hunter tells her tale!

Episode 17 - This Episode is all about Deer Hunting

Episode 16 - Veteran Awareness & PTSD During the Holidays

Episode 15 - Moon Phases, Duck Hunting and Bay Fishing

Episode 14 - Hunter Safety, Toy Drives and Giveaways!!!

Episode 13 - Cold Fronts, last minute prep and whitetail

Episode 12 - moon phases, duck season and decoy spreads

Episode 11 - Red Snapper, Deer and Hunter Safety

Episode 10 - Shotgun Shells and Working Dogs.

Episode 9 - Archery Whitetail, fishing, boat prep.

Episode 8 - Hunter Safety, deer stand management & Teal Season

Episode 7 - Bird ID, Getting Kids Involved & Weather impacts on Birds

Episode 6 - Early Teal Season, Dove Season, Dog Safety and more

Episode 5 - Herd Management, Boating tips & range time.

Episode 4 - Wade Fishing, boat shopping & More

Episode 3 - Fishing, Dove season, Whitetail

Episode 2 - Redfish, Teal Season, Deer Season

Episode 1 - Deep Sea Fishing

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