Studio Sessions

The MITR Studio Sessions are not just an acoustic set, they’re a conversation with the best artists in Texas.

Show starts at approximately 5pm Central every Saturday.

Mike Love

Alex Aguilar

Drew Fish - "Wishful Drinkin" Album Release

Matt Mercado

Jade Marie Patek

Matt Mercado

Libby Koch

James Lann

Creed Fisher

Jon Stork

Jason James

The Calamity Janes

Grant Gilbert

Kin Faux

Season Ammons

Chad Cooke Band

David Adam Byrnes

Jesse Raub Jr.

Adam Hood

Junior Gordon

Holly Tucker

Natalie Rose

Donice Morace

Jason Allen

Sheila Marshall

Lauren Corzine

Jody Booth

Anna Stockdale

Morgan Ashley

South Austin Moonlighters

James Cook


Mason Lively

Hayden Baker

Dusty Neuman

Cody Wayne Band

Mike Donnell

Jamie Lin Wilson

Travis Snider

Max Flinn

Casey baker

Wynn Williams

Randall King

Matt Caldwell

Sarah Hobbs

Joshua Ray Walker

The Iron Orchard Movie Interview w/ Jr. Mintz

Cooper Wade

Jarrod Sterrett

Jade Marie Patek

The Powell Brothers-Album Release

Will Carter

Robert Ray

Holly Tucker

Jon Stork

The Powell Brothers

Chad Cooke Band

Curtis Grimes & David Adam Byrnes

Dusty Neuman

Cody Sparks

Drew Moreland

Cooper Wade

Jesse Dayton

South Austin Moonlighters

Anna Stockdale

Jason James

Jake Bush

Donice Morace

Natalie Rose

Pat Waters

Brandon Rhyder

Dani McDonnell

GRIT - Adrian Johnston & Kylie Rae Harris

Bradley Banning

Isaac Jacob

Cody Wayne

Bri Bagwell

Upcoming Events


Operations Manager, Studio Sessions & On-air Personality

Keegan Lucas

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