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Coffee with Captain Dwayne Green, our Totally Texas Outdoors Podcast is all about helping people enjoy their next adventure. Capt. Green has decades of experience in hunting and fishing, and each week he answers a few questions about things you should be doing or thinking about to get ready and enjoy your next hunting or fishing trip.  The tips and suggestions are all apart of helping you enjoy the outdoors. This is a weekly Podcast available on YouTube and all major Podcast Platforms (Tune-In; iTunes; Spotify & Soundcloud)  Be sure to subscribe today!

5J's Hunting

Episode 60 - Close of Early Teal, Archery and Scopes

Episode 59 - Goose, Redfish and The Coastal Bend Guide Association

Episode 58 - Dove, Teal, Alligator and Warthog

Episode 57 - Texas Sportsman, dove season and tips

Episode 56 - duck numbers, tungsten shot and duck season

Episode 55 - New Gear, herd management and fall

Episode 54 -Sizing, cleaning and Bird Hunting

Episode 53 - Meeting the winner and gettin ready!

Episode 52 - Give away winner & hunting

Episode 52 - One Year Celebration

Episode 51 - Deep Sea Fishing

Episode 50 - fishing and popping corks

Episode 49 - Hunters Ed and Deep Sea Fishing

Episode 48 - rain, ratings and fishing

Episode 47 - Hot Fishing, Hot weather and salinity

Episode 46 - Hot Weather, Herd Management and Snake Hunting

Episode 45 - Reels, Cooking and More

Episode 44 - Cooking, fishing and fishing reels

Episode 43 - Texas Star Tournament, switch up your fishing game and weather

Episode 42 - Live Taping from Joe's BBQ - Herd Management this Summer and Family!

Episode 41 - The Decent Act, Deep Sea Fishing & Warm Water

Episode 39 - Fishing Line, Spring Turkey and Announcements

Episode 38 - Big Horn Sheep, Spring Turkey and Fishing Rods

Episode 37 - Teaching Kids to fish, the right reel and wade fishing!

Episode 36 - Spectacular Trout 2, fishing and the wind.

Episode 35 - Babes on The Bay, CCA and Spring Fishing

Episode 34 - Snook, Spring Turkey Season and baby deer

Episode 33 - Boater Safety, Herd Management and Spring Time

Episode 32 - Quail Hunting, Hunting Dogs and Range time.

Episode 31 - Hog Population Control, Quail Hunting and Speckled Trout

Episode 30 - Fishing after a Front, Tracking Dogs and snares

Episode 29 - Saltwater Fishing, 30 Miles Out Fishing Charter and Boudreaux!

Episode 28 - Look at those FISH!!!!

Episode 27 - Rescue on the Water, fishing, duck season review

Episode 26 - Closing of Duck Season, Shotgun Review, Hunting Dogs

Episode 25 - Cold weather, Duck Season, and Field & Stream

Episode 24 - Seasons are closing Soon!!!

Episode 23 - Picking up Bow Hunting

Episode 22 - Cold weather and Game Movement

Episode 21 - Duck Season, Winter Dove Season and Whitetail Rut

Episode 20 - Winner Announced, Christmas Presents and Ducks

Episode 19 - Warm Weather, Duck Season and Sidearms

Episode 18 - A new female deer hunter tells her tale!

Episode 17 - This Episode is all about Deer Hunting

Episode 16 - Veteran Awareness & PTSD During the Holidays

Episode 15 - Moon Phases, Duck Hunting and Bay Fishing

Episode 14 - Hunter Safety, Toy Drives and Giveaways!!!

Episode 13 - Cold Fronts, last minute prep and whitetail

Episode 12 - moon phases, duck season and decoy spreads

Episode 11 - Red Snapper, Deer and Hunter Safety

Episode 10 - Shotgun Shells and Working Dogs.

Episode 9 - Archery Whitetail, fishing, boat prep.

Episode 8 - Hunter Safety, deer stand management & Teal Season

Episode 7 - Bird ID, Getting Kids Involved & Weather impacts on Birds

Episode 6 - Early Teal Season, Dove Season, Dog Safety and more

Episode 5 - Herd Management, Boating tips & range time.

Episode 4 - Wade Fishing, boat shopping & More

Episode 3 - Fishing, Dove season, Whitetail

Episode 2 - Redfish, Teal Season, Deer Season

Episode 1 - Deep Sea Fishing

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