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Coffee with Captain Dwayne Green, our Totally Texas Outdoors Podcast is all about helping people enjoy their next adventure. Capt. Green has decades of experience in hunting and fishing, and each week he answers a few questions about things you should be doing or thinking about to get ready and enjoy your next hunting or fishing trip.  The tips and suggestions are all apart of helping you enjoy the outdoors. This is a weekly Podcast available on YouTube and all major Podcast Platforms (Tune-In; iTunes; Spotify & Soundcloud)  Be sure to subscribe today!

5J's Hunting

Episode 75 - Fishing, Spring Turkey and Ducks!

Episode 74 - Storage, Good Ducks and Hogs

Episode 73 - Cold Front, Dogs and Ducks

Episode 72 - Winter Dove, Duck and Water Temperature Changes

Episode 71 - Duck Season, Pea Soup and Oysters

Episode 70 - Whitetail Talk

Episode 69 - Telling Stories

Episode 68 - Duck and Whitetail...that's all!

Episode 67 - Big Duck, Cold Fronts and Landowners

Episode 66 - South Zone Big Duck, Rifle Whitetail and Fishing the Birds

Episode 65 - Scouting, Aging Deer and Duck Calling

Episode 64 - Sandhill Crane, Big Duck and Whitetail...seasons are coming.


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