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Live Music Monday

A Unique and Personal Live Performance Series.

This Month in Texas

In a state the size of Texas, there’s always something going on!

Coffee with Capt. Dwayne Green

A Vlog and Podcast Series about the Texas Outdoors.

MADE IN TEXAS RADIO ~ As Real as it Gets

You can’t fake it when you’re the National Radio Station of Texas. MADE IN TEXAS RADIO brings you the best Texas country and Americana that Texas has to offer. Streaming a Texas-sized playlist filled with authentic Texas roots country, MITR is made by those who live it every day. It’s cowboy therapy on the radio! Don’t miss MITR Studio Sessions each Saturday at 5pm central. It’s your chance to hear the raw talent and straight up conversations with Texas artists that everybody’s talking about.


Operations Director, Studio Sessions, On-air Personality & Syndication Opportunities

Keegan Lucas

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